Les particularités qui rendent le système Vitral unique


  • Designed specifically as a roof glazing system and tested on the slope for stricter water tightness testing and significantly better thermal properties than vertical curtain walling or traditional inefficient patent glazing giving you full Part L compliance without “misrepresentation” or “misinterpretation”.
  • Danish designed for superior qualities using latest composite materials technology.
  • Prefabricated modular panels for safer and quicker site installation.
  • Fully framed panels provide support and edge protection for glass on all sides preventing breakages on site and reducing potential injuries.
  • Slimmest frames on the market and short depth sections helping to create the light weight appearance.
  • Up to 50% of panels can be opening vents or easily turned into opening vents at a later date without the need for any additional casement framing ensuring the space is airy and cool when required.
  • Each panel has an air filter to allow air to circulate around perimeter of glazed unit seal for long life and preventing premature breakdown of the seal and misting between panels.
  • Air tight seals on fixed and opening panels (up to 20 times greater than current building regulations) which prevents draughts.
  • Hot box tested and verified U-values using thermally efficient frames to reduce heat loss helping you to achieve excellent BREEAM ratings, with project specific calculations. Typically 0.5 W/m2K better than curtain walling or patent glazing.
  • Impact tested for the highest safety standards.
  • Stainless steel framing provides superior weather resistance.
  • Fitting only by trained approved installers which means all junctions are fully details and on site the installation is right first time.
  • Simple interface details that are straightforward to draw, construct and work.

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